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18) Exploring 1980s Makeup: Trends, Pop Culture Influence & Impact

  • Eylül 10, 2023
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18) Exploring 1980s Makeup: Trends, Pop Culture Influence & Impact

Exploring 1980s Makeup: Trends, Pop Culture Influence & Impact


1980s Makeup
1980s Makeup

Are you ready to bring back the iconic looks from the 1980s Makeup? To get that nostalgic vibe, you need to know all about classic 1980s makeup. This is a style of beauty that isn’t afraid of making bold statements – think neon eyeshadow palettes, heavily-blushed cheeks and vividly coloured lipsticks! It’s also about going for unique styles with contrasting shades and risky colors. Wanting some help on how to achieve this vintage look in 2021? Here are our top tips on recreating your favorite 80s make up moments at home – let’s do it together!


Highlighting Key Trends in 80s Makeup

The 80s was a decade of beauty and fashion trends that can’t be forgotten. Neon colors were something wild, but there’s also several key makeup looks from the era that made quite an impression.


For example, one look many people had back then (and still have now) is smoky eyes – lining both your upper and lower lid with black eyeliner before blending it out with darker eye shadow for effect!

Back in the 1980s, bold and mysterious vibes were a major trend. From wearing special outfits to everyday looks – this was definitely something that you’d see people incorporating into their style! Blush also topped the list of popular makeup products during this time period too. Rather than just applying it your cheeks like we do now, women would actually extend it down along their jawline and neck for an even more natural look. And of course – let’s not forget about eye shadow either – adding some colorful shades around your eyes had its own charm as well! How could anyone miss out on all these fun trends?

Over the past decade, it’s been all about rocking bright and pastel-colored eyeshadows – especially blue and pink tones! They were usually paired with neutral lip colors such as nudes or browns to create a balanced look. It’s no surprise that 1980s makeup tends to have some controversial reviews because of its bold outlook; however, certain aspects like strong blush application and dramatic smokey eyes are still embraced today in modern makeup trends… albeit done more subtly than before!


Influence of Pop Culture on 1980s Makeup

The 1980s was a decade that saw many trends come to the forefront, and stay influential in our culture today. One trend which really stands out is makeup; interestingly enough it had quite an influence from popular culture at the time. Legendary singers like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Michael Jackson weren’t only known for their iconic music – they were also trailblazers when it came to people’s approach towards applying makeup during the 80s! Makeup during this period wasn’t nearly as subdued compared with how we use it now – bright colors could be found everywhere while creating one-of-a kind looks; blue eyeshadow being particularly common back then.

Lipstick in the 80s had major power when it came to color and texture. Glossy lips were all the rage back then, so beauty companies produced products that could help achieve this look – glitter galore, bold pigments, and textures out of this world! It wasn’t strange at all to see people combining these experimental cosmetics for some pretty unique results. Although a lot has gone through changes since then many of those beloved ’80s makeup trends have been adopted into modern styles today; they’ve left an impact on current fashion looks which is quite incredible considering how much time has passed by. Pop culture can really influence industries strongly like we’re seeing here with its effects still lingering after such a long period!


Iconic 1980s Makeup Products and Brands

The 1980s is definitely an iconic decade when it comes to makeup history, with its glamour and daring looks. No wonder so many products and brands rose up during this time! Maybelline was undoubtedly the leader as far as mascara innovation goes – they launched their Great Lash product in 1971 that has been a classic ever since, still widely popular today. After that Revlon made quite a stir in the beauty world with their bold shades and pigmented colors – can you imagine how vibrant those eyeshadows must have looked?

CoverGirl’s slogan “Did you know you’re worth it?” was really a game-changer during the 1980s when unrealistic beauty standards were so common. As well as their Outlast All-Day Lip Color, which made life much simpler for those on the go and didn’t need to worry about regular reapplication of lipstick! MAC is now known worldwide due to their long lasting lipsticks and cream foundations that provide full coverage throughout any day – no surprise why these 4 cosmetic companies still stand out today since they played an important role in 80s makeup trends. Have you ever tried one of them?


Transition from 70s to 80s Makeup Styles

The 70s were all about natural looking, soft-focus makeup with neutral tones and oil-free textures. Farah Fawcett and Diana Ross personified this style as they chose to highlight their beauty using minimal products. When the 80s arrived on the scene, though, everything changed – people started embracing bolder looks that featured vibrant colors and statement pieces! This generation of makeup really upped the ante in terms of aesthetics; it took things up a notch from what had been seen before! Who could’ve imagined there’d be such drastic changes over just one decade?

In the 1980s, dramatic blues and purples on eyes and bright red lips were all about making a statement with your makeup. Natural-looking foundations and eye shadows had been popularized in 70s carried over into 80s; however these looks got more intense when glittery shimmer shadows and pearlized blushes were added.


Contouring was also becoming widely known; heavy contours of cheekbones noses differentiated early ’80’s look from late 1970’s glamour. To add that extra special touch to make people stand out blush shades such as deep pinks or peaches helped highlight cheekbones for an exciting night out! Finally no 8Os style would be complete without big feathered hair similar to John Travolta greased lightning character – which is still iconic today! One could say – why follow trends if you can just create them?


Impact of 1980s Makeup on Modern Trends

The ’80s makeup look has been making a return for the past decade or so. It seems that more and more people are looking to find new ways of self-expression, thus leading to its revival. But why is it that this particular style from the 80’s has made such an impact on modern trends?

When we think about what stood out in terms of ’80s makeup, huge feathered hair styles come immediately into our heads – not only that but bright blue eyeshadow and bold blusher too! This however was just one part of how people wore their makeup back then; there were lots of other looks which reflected personal tastes as well as changes in fashion over time.

No doubt, the ’80s certainly left its mark on makeup. Not only did people resort to heavier products like foundation and concealer to create full coverage looks, they also started utilizing blush in order to accentuate their cheekbones and bring attention there. It wasn’t just about covering up blemishes or creating perfect skin tones; it was a way of drawing focus onto particular facial features with the help of colors! Besides this, eyeshadows were typically used together with eyeliner and mascara for more dramatic appearances too. And here we are today – these same types of heavy products still commonly being utilized as part of modern styles – plus brighter shades have become popular once again! Who would’ve thought that something from so long ago could make such an impact now?

Do you want to add a bit of glitz and glam? Nowadays, there is an abundance of colors from which one can choose for their makeup. Shimmery eyeshadows and glitter eyeliners have been particularly trendy lately because they allow people to play around with new looks without straying too far away from the classic black or brown look; yet still looking polished. Not only that but techniques inspired by ’80s style make up are applicable in today’s world as well!

Contouring has become a staple in makeup routines. It’s all about emphasizing or minimizing your features, like cheekbones and jawline, by using foundation/concealer/powder shades that are different from each other. Highlighting is another popular technique; it involves applying light-reflecting products (like shimmery powders and creams) to make certain areas of the face stand out more when taking photos or recording videos.
The 1980s provided tons of inspiration for artists who wanted to express themselves through their craft – even now they continue inspiring us with new techniques and color palettes! Who doesn’t remember seeing Madonna rocking her iconic colorful eyeshadow looks? Or Cyndi Lauper’s sky blue eyeliner? So why not take some style cues from these decades gone by as you experiment with your own look?

To sum it up, the 1980s was a remarkable era for makeup. All the bold colors, loud prints and bigger-than-life hair styles were all very “in” back then! This decade made an everlasting impression on fashion trends that still continues to inspire people in today’s beauty industry. If you’re looking for something different or trying to recreate old 80s looks – there are lots of ways to add touches of ’80s style onto your own look. Are you willing to make a statement with some outrageous eye shadow? How about pairing big shoulder pads with bright pink lipstick?! Who said being fashionable has be boring anyway!?

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