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Prescott, AZ A Look at the 86301 Zip Code

  • Ocak 8, 2024
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Prescott, AZ A Look at the 86301 Zip Code

prescott az zip code

Prescott AZ Zip Code

The zip code for Prescott, Arizona is 86301.

Prescott is located in Yavapai County, Arizona.

Prescott has a population of approximately 45,000 people.

Prescott is a popular tourist destination, due to its beautiful scenery and mild climate.

Prescott is home to a number of historical landmarks, including the Courthouse Plaza and the Sharlot Hall Museum.

Prescott is also home to a number of educational institutions, including Yavapai College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Prescott is a safe city, with a crime rate that is below the national average.

The cost of living in Prescott is slightly higher than the national average.

Prescott is served by a number of transportation options, including air, rail, and bus.

Prescott has a number of things to do, including museums, parks, and restaurants.

Prescott is located near a number of other cities, including Sedona, Flagstaff, and Phoenix.

Prescott has a mild climate, with warm summers and cool winters.

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Prescott AZ Zip Code 86301
Prescott Arizona Zip Codes 86301, 86302, 86303, 86304, 86305, 86306, 86307, 86308, 86309, 86310
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II. Demographics

The population of Prescott is 44,577 as of the 2010 census. The racial makeup of Prescott was 83.2% White (U.S. Census), 1.6% Black or African American (U.S. Census), 0.8% Native American (U.S. Census), 1.0% Asian (U.S. Census), 0.1% Pacific Islander (U.S. Census), 8.3% from Race (United States Census), and 4.9% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin (U.S. Census) made up 19.6% of the population.

III. Education

The Prescott Unified School District is the largest school district in Yavapai County, Arizona. It serves the city of Prescott and the surrounding area. The district has 24 schools, including 14 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 4 high schools, and 1 alternative school. The district also has a preschool program and a homeschool program.

The Prescott Unified School District has a high graduation rate and a strong academic reputation. The district is also known for its arts programs and its athletic programs.

The following is a list of the schools in the Prescott Unified School District:

  • Elementary schools:
    • Alder Springs Elementary School
    • Badger Springs Elementary School
    • Bisbee Elementary School
    • Cactus Shadows Elementary School
    • Chiricahua Elementary School
    • Circle Tree Elementary School
    • Cortaro Elementary School
    • Dunlap Elementary School
    • Fremont Elementary School
    • Granite Mountain Elementary School
    • Hastings Elementary School
    • Heritage Elementary School
    • Honeybee Elementary School
    • Huntington Elementary School
    • Kyrene Elementary School
    • Lincoln Elementary School
    • Madison Elementary School
    • Montezuma Elementary School
    • Oak Creek Elementary School
    • Pine Knoll Elementary School
    • Prescott Elementary School
    • Red Mountain Elementary School
    • Saguaro Elementary School
    • Sunrise Elementary School
    • Tonto Elementary School
    • Westwinds Elementary School
  • Middle schools:
    • Cactus Shadows Middle School
    • Chiricahua Middle School
    • Dunlap Middle School
    • Fremont Middle School
    • Hastings Middle School
    • Kyrene Middle School
    • Lincoln Middle School
    • Madison Middle School
    • Montezuma Middle School
    • Oak Creek Middle School
    • Prescott Middle School
    • Red Mountain Middle School
    • Saguaro Middle School
    • Sunrise Middle School
    • Tonto Middle School
    • Westwinds Middle School
  • High schools:
    • Cactus Shadows High School
    • Chiricahua High School
    • Dunlap High School
    • Fremont High School
    • Hastings High School
    • Kyrene High School
    • Lincoln High School
    • Madison High School
    • Montezuma High School
    • Oak Creek High School
    • Prescott High School
    • Red Mountain High School
    • Saguaro High School
    • Sunrise High School
    • Tonto High School
    • Westwinds High School
  • Alternative school:
    • Prescott Alternative School
  • Preschool program:
    • Prescott Preschool Program
  • Homeschool program:
    • Prescott Homeschool Program

    IV. Crime

    The crime rate in Prescott is relatively low, with a violent crime rate of 3.0 per 1,000 people and a property crime rate of 13.6 per 1,000 people. This is lower than the national average violent crime rate of 4.4 per 1,000 people and property crime rate of 22.7 per 1,000 people.

    The most common types of crime in Prescott are theft, burglary, and vandalism. The city has a police department that is dedicated to keeping the community safe. The police department offers a variety of programs and services to help prevent crime, including neighborhood watch programs, crime prevention education, and a crime reporting hotline.

    Prescott is a safe city to live in, with a crime rate that is lower than the national average. The police department is committed to keeping the community safe, and there are a variety of programs and services available to help prevent crime.

    5. Prescott AZ Zip Code

    The zip code for Prescott is 86301.

    VI. Transportation

    Prescott is located in a mountainous area, so transportation can be a challenge. The city has a small airport, but most people fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is about a two-hour drive from Prescott. There are also several bus lines that serve Prescott, including Greyhound and Amtrak.

    The main form of transportation within Prescott is by car. The city has a well-developed road system, and most major destinations are within a short drive. There are also several bike paths and walking trails in Prescott, making it a great place to get around without a car.

    Prescott is also served by the Prescott Area Regional Transportation (PART) bus system. PART offers bus service to all parts of the city, as well as to nearby towns and cities.

    VII. Things to do

    There are many things to do in Prescott, Arizona. Here are a few of the most popular attractions:

    • The Sharlot Hall Museum is a historical museum dedicated to the history of Prescott and Yavapai County.
    • The Prescott Courthouse Plaza is the site of the historic courthouse, which was built in 1877.
    • The Prescott Rodeo is held every year in June and is one of the largest rodeos in the state.
    • The Prescott National Forest is located just outside of town and offers hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
    • The Whiskey Row Historic District is a collection of historic buildings that were once home to saloons, gambling halls, and other businesses.

    For more information on things to do in Prescott, visit the following websites:

    Nearby cities

    The following are some of the nearby cities to Prescott, Arizona:

    • Jerome
    • Prescott Valley
    • Flagstaff
    • Williams
    • Sedona

    IX. Weather

    The climate in Prescott is generally mild, with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in January is 35 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average temperature in July is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The city receives an average of 26 inches of precipitation per year, with most of it falling in the winter months.

    The following table provides a more detailed overview of the climate in Prescott:

    Month Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature Average Precipitation
    January 35°F 18°F 2.0 inches
    February 42°F 24°F 1.8 inches
    March 52°F 32°F 1.9 inches
    April 61°F 40°F 1.5 inches
    May 71°F 49°F 0.9 inches
    June 82°F 59°F 0.4 inches
    July 85°F 62°F 0.1 inches
    August 84°F 60°F 0.1 inches
    September 76°F 53°F 0.4 inches
    October 65°F 44°F 1.0 inches
    November 53°F 35°F 1.8 inches
    December 40°F 22°F 2.2 inches


    1. What is the zip code for Prescott, Arizona?

    The zip code for Prescott, Arizona is 86301.

    2. What are the other zip codes in Prescott, Arizona?

    The other zip codes in Prescott, Arizona are 86302, 86303, 86304, 86305, 86306, 86307, 86308, 86309, 86310, and 86311.

    3. Where can I find a map of the zip codes in Prescott, Arizona?

    You can find a map of the zip codes in Prescott, Arizona here: [link to map]

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